First results of the pilot testing

The students of the Audiovisual Production subject of the Uniminuto University (Bogotá, Colombia) recorded the elaboration of an ecomural made by two local artists to edit content under the concept of video-essay proposed by Green Artivism.


As social communicators and journalists in training, we want to convey with this audiovisual product how art has been transformed and has worked hand in hand with young students who wish to express their thoughts, feelings and skills through art, especially through muralism. As a team of colleagues, we wish to convey a clear message so that every young person who wishes to live from art can do so with the support of a country that supports him, regardless of his race, social status, tastes or preferences; We hope that young people unite and work together to achieve reconciliation of conflicts that have prevented us from moving forward due to the violence that has marked Colombia.


We can see the winning video here:



Ana Carolina Merchan Merchan

Michael Steven Vasquez Abril

Sebastian Fuentes Suarez

Anamaría Fuentes Torifio

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