These days, if you want go on the internet safely and not worry about clicking.

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      These days, if you want go on the internet safely and not worry about clicking on a wrong link – you definitely need an antivirus. Year after year, programmers and web developers put hours upon hours of hard work in order to remove every unsafe page from search engine results. No matter how much they try – these pages are still accessible directly and through social media platforms.

      In addition, threats such as key-loggers, spyware, and malware lurk from every corner of the web. Malware has been around for almost 50 years at this point, but the things are not looking better. In fact, according to a recent report from Panda, roughly 20% of all malware that has ever existed was created in the last couple of years. Therefore, in order to protect your machine from these risks, here are some advices on how to choose the right software for your system.

      Online Reviews

      Everyone who looks hard enough knows that most review sites can be extremely helpful. For detailed reviews and helpful articles, we recommend that you look up PC Mag. Of course if you want even more information, try to find a top 10 antivirus list and compare everything from features to add-ons before you make your pick.

      Another possibility is to search for some forums (Tom’s Hardware is great for these questions) or even Q&A sites and ask for some guidance from the more experienced members. Alternatively, simply do both – read some articles, compare the software and once you narrow down your picks, log-on to a forum and ask for opinions. This will help you to differentiate the overvalued from the underappreciated.

      Paying For Software vs. Downloading Free Software

      Basically, when it comes to any software, there are two options – free software and paid software. The free software is, not surprisingly, completely free and paid software has a variety of price-ranges. If you are looking for the best possible protection for your device, don’t think twice about paying for an antivirus. Generally, when you spend some money on the software you’ll get more features and better protection measurements, and of course, upgrade notifications won’t nag you every three seconds.

      Nonetheless, if you don’t have much money, keep in mind that most of the free software these days is actually more than decent. To be honest, some of the best solutions on the market are free. If you want to try out some free ones, we recommend that you try either BullGuard Internet Security or Avast Free Antivirus 2016, because they offer more security tools than most paid solutions.

      Look Over the Features

      When it comes to picking an antivirus, you have to know how much security it offers to your computer. Today, most antiviruses are able to protect you from the most dangerous threats, such as fraud tools and browser hijackers – even the free ones. In most cases, price tags can be deceiving, because sometimes, the freebies can outperform even the most expensive solutions.

      Most people connect to the internet using unsafe WI-FI connections, if that is the case with you, look for an antivirus that has VPN security; this feature will keep you safe from hackers. Fortunately, you can find that feature in almost any software these days. In addition, you have probably downloaded an unwanted toolbar add-on for your browser, more than a few times. Therefore, look for antiviruses that have a “Browser Cleanup” feature, so you could keep your Firefox safe from unnecessary toolbars.

      Mark Williams is computer protection specialist who creates checks of latest variations for anti-virus applications since 2009. These checks aid him to find the ideal anti-virus for any personal computer configuration. To see antivirus examination results come visit hist website website to Pick the Best Antivirus for Your Device

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